Natural Pet Pantry’s gone organic

By June 3, 2015Uncategorized

Many of our customers have requested all organic vegetables and we’ve heard you. We have decided that all our vegetables in both our raw and cooked meals, will as of early June, 2015, be USDA Certified Organic. Another benefit with this: USDA does not allow companies to label their product organic if they contain GMOs. (Genetically Modified Organisms)

This also mean that our green veggie mix will be all USDA certified organic.

Not only is organic the right food for our furry friends, another added benefit of the change is environmental stewardship. Conventional pesticides and fertilizer run off can be very degrading for our soil, wet lands and streams.

This cost of organic products is quite a bit more than conventional but since vegetables are a smaller percentage of our meals the price difference is minimal.


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