New homes for your cat

By August 24, 2015Pet Products

The Cat Ball


TheCatBall_shark__35_largeIf you have ever been a custodian of a feline, you have probably noticed how much they like to crawl into small places. For example, a cardboard box can become a home and one of my friend’s motorcycle helmets ended up being the perfect safe space for her cat.

Assuming you don’t want a cardboard box or motorcycle helmet laying around to entertain your furry friends…introducing The Cat Ball®.

Most of the Cat Ball beds are made in Washington state and come in a variety of shapes and sizes. They are made of nothing but fabric and foam so they are safe and machine washable.

Cats love to hang out in small spaces for rest or just a hiding place for a sneak attack on a fellow cat or human.

See a great selection of these beds at our Kirkland Store.



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