A sweet cat’s tale of living longer, living better through great nutrition.

As obligate carnivores, a species appropriate meat based diet is very important for cats of all ages but especially for the seniors. At Natural Pet Pantry, we hear so many stories of kidney or liver failure, crystals and diabetes in cats. After a bit of conversation, we usually find that these cats are being fed highly processed dry kibble. Regardless of the quality of the kibble, cats need to obtain almost 100% of their moisture through their food. Cats fed a dry diet are often dehydrated and this chronic condition creates havoc for their kidneys, liver, urinary tract and immune system. A definite sign of dehydration is when your cat “drinks tons of water”. They also do not need vegetables, fruits or carbs to thrive. As with dogs, as cats age, even with a raw diet, adding a digestive enzyme to the mix is very beneficial.

Here’s Little Miss Pumpkin’s story as told by her foster mom. “Pumpkin came into my care when her person was evicted from her home and had to go to a shelter. Pumpkin, about 13 years old, had been living in a car for a few weeks and was painfully thin, weighing only about 4 lbs. Soon after bringing her home, she became very ill and had to be rushed to the ER. It turned out Pumpkin was suffering from kidney failure as well as having hyperthyroidism. It was touch PUMPKINand go for about 48 hours but she pulled through. She was then transitioned to Natural Pet Pantry’s raw food and today is thriving. She is up to almost 7 lbs thanks to her NPP raw food diet; which she loves. She even insists on 3 meals a day! I believe it is much better than the prescription food the vet had recommended and I don’t think she would be doing as well as she is without the raw food. Her personal favorite is the turkey!”


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