Living longer, living better through great nutrition. Dezi’s story:

By September 4, 2015NPP Products

We never expected to adopt a seniordeziwaiting dog, but when 12 year old Dezi came into our lives, there was no question we’d take him into our family. After the tragic death of his owner, Dezi really struggled for the first few months with us. Clearly shaken by the loss of his person, Dezi was a very finicky eater and when he’d eat, he’d have all sort of intestinal distress — diarrhea, vomiting, colitis, etc. — and he wouldn’t want to eat anymore.

His previous family let Dezi free-feed on kibble, but we also knew that Dezi was a scavenger and feasted on chicken bones and garbage he found on his walks. On our outings, Dezi would spot a fast-food wrapper from 10 feet away and put the brakes on, straining against the leash wanting to devour the contents.

The combination of years of poor nutrition, his predilection for garbage, and the emotional roller coaster of his transition into our family set off a cascade of illnesses as well as revealed a history of Irritable Bowel Disease (IBD).

Our other dog, Rubin, started eating Natural Pet Pantry (NPP) raw food when he was 3 years old after his own bout of intestinal difficulties and skin allergies. There was no question that Dezi would eat the same food because we knew the quality was superior to anything else we tried (and we tried a lot!). We also knew that the folks at NPP were extremely knowledgeable and exceptionally helpful with all our nutrition questions.

When Dezi became ill with pancreatitis and a nasty flare up of IBD, we turned to NPP (and our vets) for help. NPP’s first recommendation was raw goat’s milk and even though the Western vet was cautious, we gave it a try. For 5 days, the only thing Dezi would eat was raw goat’s milk. We fed it to him 5 times a day and each time he lapped it up enthusiastically with no ill side effects. Our vets (Western and Holistic) were happily surprised and even more so when they realized Dezi had gained a pound during this difficult intestinal bout.

We worked closely with NPP as well as both of our vets, and slowly introduced solid foods (NPP cooked turkey stew for starters). He was given nutritional supplements (Chinese herbs for digestion and depression, and digestive enzymes) and over the next month, he transitioned from meals of primarily goat’s milk to NPP’s raw meals (turkey and duck…he likes NPP’s cooked stews as well!).

Dezi is now 14 years old and doing great! We have no doubt that his “village” of caretakers, with NPP at the forefront, are responsible for his good health, but more importantly for saving his life with their helpful support, their knowledgeable advice, and their nutritious and delicious food. While we never expected to adopt a senior dog, we are so so glad we did and we are equally glad NPP is such an integral part of our family!


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