“Senior Dogs & Cats…Living Longer, Living Better” Part 1


 Less Processed = More Easily Digested & Absorbed

As dogs & cats age, their digestive systems don’t work as efficiently or effectively. Providing a less processed, more nutritious, more digestible food will help take the load off their aging digestive systems

  •  A raw diet is the gold standard of food for our pets because it is loaded with unadulterated nutrients and intact naturally-occurring enzymes. Natural Pet Pantry’s raw diets for dogs & cats are locally made from fresh, whole foods & we have recently added Certified “Ugly” Organic veggies to our raw diets for dogs.                                                                                    
  • Not ready for raw? Another great option is Natural Pet Pantry’s steam kettle cooked stews for dogs. All the same fresh, whole foods with “ugly” organic veggies.
  • Raw Goat’s Milk (Mother Nature’s Most Complete Food!) requires little or no work to break down and digest. Natural source of probiotics, enzymes and vitamins.
  • Adding digestive enzymes will increase the bioavailability of nutrients in the food to better battle the effects of aging. These enzymes help in digesting raw diets & are essential when feeding cooked stews. 

To find out more about the benefits of these foods & supplements, stop by either of our Natural Pet Pantry locations. 


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