Intuitive Animal Communication – how it works.

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Rachael Millikan, MA – Intuitive Animal Communicator

What does it mean to communicate with animals? As an intuitive animal communicator, I utilize the universal language of telepathy to build a bridge of understanding between animals and their people, while seeking harmony for both. Everyone has the ability to do this work, it’s not magic; it’s using your intuition. When we access our innate six psychic senses we have the ability to receive information from all animals. These messages may come in as pictures, words, feelings, smells or emotions.

When I’m conducting an animal communication session, I request you arrive with your list of questions so we can make the most of our time together – asking your animal companion all the questions you have. The information comes fast and can be very subtle. Sometimes I’ll toss out their replies and only you will know what it means.  This often generates laughter and sometimes tears. It can be very intense depending on the topic we’re discussing. I’ve found the key to receiving information telepathically is clearing the mind of mental clutter and chatter. When the mind is cleared, we receive like an antenna.   Practice and regularly exercising your intuitive senses is critical for accuracy. For more information please visit and join my email list to be notified of session offerings, animal communication tips and other goodies!


We cannot discount the lives of sensitive and intelligent creatures merely because they assume nonhuman form.  The things that make life most precious and blessed – courage and daring, conscience and compassion, imagination and originality, fantasy and play – do not belong to our kind alone.  – Gary Kowalski “The Soul of Animals”


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