Benefits of Raw Goat Milk for Cats & Dogs

By January 13, 2016Nutritional Supplements


Raw Goat’s Milk (RGM)

for Dogs & Cats

Some Benefits:

Ease of Digestion – RGM requires little or no work to break down & digest. Contains over 30 enzymes including lactase.

Buffering – RGM is more buffering than over the counter antacids

Wholefood Probiotics – naturally occurring probiotics make the nutrients more bioavailable & create additional nutrients such as enzymes & vitamins.

Bacteriocins – produced by the probiotics of the milk, inhibit pathogenic bacteria including the ulcer causing bacteria often associated with IBD.

Reduces Biofilm – biofilm can prevent probiotics from populating the gut & prevent proper absorption of nutrients. RGM has over 30 enzymes that can help break down biofilm.

Improved Immunity – Gut flora are the microbes, bacteria, yeast, etc. that naturally populate the gut. The type of microbes, good or bad, in the gut are directly related to what the dog or cat eats. Since 84% of an animal’s immune system is in their gut flora, having the proper gut flora can produce not only necessary vitamins but antibiotic, anti-viral & anti-fungals required for the body to heal itself. Supporting our pets normal gut flora with RGM can help prevent, treat & cure many ailments.


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