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Local, All Natural Food & Products For Your Dogs And Cats

Serving the Seattle and Greater Puget Sound Area Since 2000
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"We believe the most important choice we make every day for our pets is the food we put in their bowl."

-Jeff Howlett, Owner



Our passion is healthy, happy pets, and our mission is to be your most trusted resource, and best choice, for whole, natural foods that make a real difference in the health of your pet.

We’ve been doing this since 2000!  We were the first in Seattle – and one of the first in the nation – to produce real food for dogs and cats.

The most important choice a pet parent makes each day for their pet is what food to put in the bowl.  We take immense pride in being your “go to” resource for pet nutrition information and guidance, and we are rewarded every day with the smiles of pet parents who experience the fantastic benefits of feeding their pets healthier food.

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The high quality of our pet food begins with careful selection and sourcing of ingredients from high-quality suppliers, distributors, and family farms in Washington and Oregon that supply the human food chain (i.e., grocery stores, restaurants, etc.)

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We strive to only use USDA inspected meats and 100% Organic veggies that are free-range, pasture-raised, grass-fed, free of growth hormones, free of antibiotics, free of GMOs, no grains, no rice, no soy, no rendered meal products, and have been humanely raised and harvested with high quality and sustainability. 

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We have been feeding pets for over 20 years and have personally visited many of these suppliers and farms ourselves and, with great comfort, know we are providing your hunter-scavenger fur-baby the ancestral diet upon which they were designed by nature to thrive.

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Pet Nutrition and Wellness Consultation

Want to improve your pet’s food but not sure how to start or what to do?  We can help! 

Has your Vet recommended your pet may need to shed a few pounds?  We can help!

Is your pet itchy all the time? Skin issues? Allergies? Continuous UTIs (cats)?  Or maybe you’ve tried a bunch of prescription foods and nothing is really working? These and other issues may be related to the quality of food and lack of fresh, real food in the diet … and we can help!

Natural Food For Your Dog

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    Boneless USDA Chicken Thigh, Carrots,...
    From $13.50
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    Skinless USDA Duck (with Bone),...
    From $13.75
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    USDA Inspected New Zealand Venison...
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    USDA Inspected New Zealand Venison...
    From $21.25
  • natural pet pantry chicken boneless raw dog food
    Boneless USDA Chicken Thigh, Yams,...
    From $16.25

Natural Food For Your Cat

Why Choose Natural Pet Pantry

Since 2000, Natural Pet Pantry has been dedicated to producing the safest, cleanest, humanely raised, human-grade meats and certified organic vegetables, without synthetics, additives, or fillers.

We aim to serve the animals that enrich our lives and contribute to a healthy environment, the continuity of sustainable agricultural practices, and our community.

We believe in our wholesome ingredients and produce our foods with love and integrity, never subjecting them to high-pressure pasteurization (HPP) or bacteriophages.

We know both you and your pet will love the all-natural selection of pet food and quality products we carry in-store and online.

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We Deliver The Best In The NW

We are proud to offer our delivery services to the Greater Seattle Area. If you’d like to take advantage of our direct home delivery service, sign up today.