Our ground protein products work well for pet owners who enjoy creating their own food mix or are doing an elimination diet with their pets to target immune response causation factors.  These products are also great for dogs that experience yeast problems due to sugars and/or carbohydrates in vegetables.

Ground Turkey neck is the ground version of our whole Turkey neck product.

Ground Turkey organ mix includes Turkey Gizzard, Turkey Heart, and Turkey Liver.

The ground Duck, Rabbit, and Beef products are perfect for those seeking to provide “whole prey” foods that do not include veggies.

Ground Duck is a whole duck (except for the head and feet) and includes all meat, organs, and bones.

Ground Rabbit is a whole rabbit, including the head, and includes all meat, organs, and bones.

Ground Beef includes muscle meat, trim meat with appropriate fat, organs (including liver), and eggshell calcium.