Organic Veggie Mix

Our veggie mix provides a great source of finely ground vegetables for those who desire to mix their own dog food. Vegetables must be fed raw to dogs for maximum benefits, and must be crushed or pulverized so your dog is able to digest them.  Chopping or grating isn’t enough to make vegetables digestible for …

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Raw Whole Poultry Necks

Our frozen poultry necks are perfect for dogs and cats to chew on as a meaty treat or a snack. Necks are nutrient-dense treat and provide a great way to clean your pet’s teeth because as they gnaw on the neck they are essentially flossing with meat and scraping with bone. Healthy animals have innately …

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Our ground protein products work well for pet owners who enjoy creating their own food mix or are doing an elimination diet with their pets to target immune response causation factors.  These products are also great for dogs that experience yeast problems due to sugars and/or carbohydrates in vegetables. Ground Turkey neck is the ground version …

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