Natural Pet Pantry Steam Kettle Stews

Our Signature Steam Kettle Stews for Dogs are a gently cooked (boneless) alternative to raw and have become a popular staple for those with appetite-challenged dogs. We’ve received wonderful feedback from relieved customers whose dogs had refused eating due to innate fussiness, environmental stressors, illness, or advancing age. The stews’ unique natural flavor has successfully enticed the most discerning of palates to eagerly partake in a complete and balanced meal. Nothing warms the heart more than witnessing a food protester enjoy a much needed healthy meal!

Natural Pet Pantry Steam Kettle Stews are locally prepared in our Burien, WA store. The stews are gently cooked over several hours in a steam kettle. Careful attention is given in manually stirring each batch with a large paddle at regular intervals to ensure even distribution and cooking of the fresh ingredients. This personal process imparts an essential ingredient lacking in all mass produced pet foods: Love.

Complete & Balanced Nutrition

All Natural Pet Pantry Meals for Dogs have been carefully formulated and laboratory tested to ensure complete and balanced nutrition. Every meal is guaranteed to meet or exceed the nutritional levels established by the AAFCO Dog Food Nutrient Profiles for Adult Maintenance.

*All NPP products are available at both of our stores, or can be delivered to your home.

Turkey & Veggie
Steam Kettle Stew

Chicken & Veggie
Steam Kettle Stew

Beef & Veggie
Steam Kettle Stew

Venison & Veggie
Steam Kettle Stew

Buffalo & Veggie
Steam Kettle Stew

Cooking with Conscience

Using a steam kettle in the production of our Signature Steam Kettle Stews for Dogs has benefits beyond that of creating a uniquely flavorful and healthy meal. Our steam kettle is powered by natural gas, and cooks our stews with steam created by recirculating water within its outer wall. This method of cooking is highly energy efficient, allowing us to decrease our environmental footprint by up to 70 percent over the use of electrical stove top cooking.