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Poop bags and bag holders! A “must-have” for every walk!

Earth Rated Poop Bags

The original bags ready for composting.

60 bags in rolls, white, unscented $8.99
120 bags in rolls, green, unscented $6.99
315 bags in rolls, green, unscented $16.99
120 bags stacked, green, Lavender-scented $6.99

Audio equipment - Product design

PoopyPacks Poop Bags

Designer poop bags made in the USA!

160 bags in rolls, assorted designs/colors $12.99

Product - Meter

Designer Poop Bag Roll holders

Made in the USA!

Assorted designs & colors:  $17.99

Product - Textile

The Poop Case poop bag roll holder

Made in the USA!

Yellow, Teal, Black, or White:  $14.99

Electronics Accessory - Product design

Earth Rated poop bag roll holder

Green $2.99 each

Audio equipment - Product design
Clip art - Logo

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