Natural Pet Pantry

Natural Pet Pantry products are made with farm fresh ingredients that are delivered weekly to our own production kitchen in Seattle, WA. All meats and organs are USDA inspected, human grade and whole, and all vegetables are USDA Certified Organic. The farms we buy from do not use antibiotics or growth hormones. Beef, buffalo, and venison are grass-fed and pasture-raised and poultry is free-range.

We make our products in small, traceable batches using our proprietary production processes. Our staff carefully inspects ingredients prior to bringing in to our production kitchen to ensure food safety, product quality and nutritional integrity. We grind, mix and package our foods using our proprietary recipes that are designed to replicate your pets species-appropriate ancestral diet. Our process adheres to state and federal product safety standards, and use Sanitation Standard Operating Procedures (SSOPs) required in the processing of human foods, but not required in the processing of pet foods.

We take pride in how we differ from many large commercial raw pet food brands that essentially ‘sterilize’ their foods with the use of high heat and High Pressure Processing (HPP) and require adding synthetic vitamin packs to replace nutrients lost during processing. Vitamins added to the food in this manner are not effectively digested by the pet – nothing made by man comes close to how nature is designed to process and absorb real food.

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