Choke Free – Paw Rider Seat Belt Adapter


The PawRider™ Pet Seat Belt Adapter is designed to keep the pet securely centered in the seat while riding. The PawRider™ provides an easy way to utilize an existing passenger seat belt to control a pet’s motion while in a vehicle.

The PawRider™ easily wraps around an existing seat belt and when the D-ring is placed thru the slotted opening and a restraint snap hook is attached to the PawRider™ on one end and to the D-ring on a pet’s ChokeFree™, the PawRider™ will firmly hold the pet in place.

When the PawRider™ is placed around the shoulder portion of the seat belt, it provides a loose control that will allow the pet to pull against the Shoulder Strap and move around as far as the Shoulder Strap allows. When the PawRider™ is placed around a combination of the Lap Belt and the Shoulder Strap, the pet is very restricted and cannot move very far from the PawRider™.

When the PawRider™ is attached to the Shoulder Strap alone, the seat belt can be pulled out and tightened in order to restrain the pet as desired.