Fat-Cat – Freeze Dried Salmon Cat Treats


Fat-Cat Fish Freeze Dried Wild Salmon Snacks for Dogs and Cats
Made Only with One Single Ingredient: 100% Pure Raw Pacific Ocean Wild Salmon Caught and Proudly Made in USA.
An Excellent Source of Omega-3 and Omega-6 Fatty Acid. Essential to Good Health. Low Calorie (on average 3 calories per treat). Superior Source of Protein. Zero Grain, Gluten, Hormone, or Antibiotics. 100% Organic and Natural.

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Ultra-Premium Raw Salmon Freeze-Dried For Freshness. Superior Quality. High in Protein. Appropriate for All Ages and Breeds, Including Puppies, Nursing and Pregnant Dogs and Cats, Senior Dogs and Cats, and Dogs and Cats with Low Appetite.
Dogs and Cats Love the Taste of Our Treats Because They are Freeze-Dried RAW to Lock in the Aroma, Texture, and Freshness They Crave.
Appetite Stimulant to Encourage Dogs and Cats with Low Appetite to Eat. Can be Crumbled on Top of Dry/Canned Food to Encourage Consumption.

Our Products are Ideal for Dogs and Cats with Health Issues or Pets that are Overweight, Diabetic, Have Allergies, Gastrointestinal Disorders, and are on a Restricted Diet. Taste That Will Make Dogs and Cats Go Wild. Perfect for Training and Everyday Rewards. Pet Parents Love Our Treats Because They are 100% Pure and Rich in Nutrients for a Happy and Healthy Life. Processed for Human Consumption. If It’s Good Enough for People It’s Good Enough for Our Pets. Absolutely the Very Best.