Lollycadoodle – Boiled Wool Fish Dog Toy

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Lollycadoodle Fish Boiled Wool Dog Toys, Large

Lollycadoodle Boiled Wool Fish Dog Toys provide great fun and excitement to playtime. They feature bright colors, an unique texture, and are made with 100% wool. The toys are made by using a felting process that has been used for centuries to create a durable, material that is odor and dirt resistant. Wool is a digestible material, which is helpful for dogs that ingest parts of toys. Lollycadoodle toys are handmade in Nepal in a fair trade facility. Price is for 1 toy, image is to show an variety of colors you may receive. Colors Vary, Please let us choose what color to send.


Product Benefits:

  • Handmade in Nepal
  • 100% Boiled Wood
  • Natural Dyes
  • Fully Digestible
  • Fair Trade
  • Renewable Resource
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