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Answer’s Pet Food Goat’s Milk

Goat milk contains vitamins, minerals, electrolytes, trace elements, enzymes, protein, and fatty acids all readily available and easy to digest. Answers Goat’s Milk contains fermented raw goats milk with added cultures, honey, and organic cinnamon. Goat milk can be fed to both dogs and cats either as a meal itself or to compliment our raw and cooked stews.

Half Gallon $15.99
Quart $8.99
Pint $5.99

Natural Pet Pantry Green Tripe

Our free range, grass fed Lamb green tripe is loaded with probiotics and enzymes. It has is an ideal ratio of omega 3 and 6 fatty acids, a perfect 1:1 calcium to phosphorus ratio, and is rich in magnesium, potassium, taurine, and vitamin B complex. Packaged in resealable bags for convenience.

8 oz    $5.45
1 lb     $9.50
2 lb     $18.95

Curious Goat Treats

A favorite of both dogs and cats alike, Curious Goat Treats are made of unpasteurized goat’s milk, active cultures, vegetable rennet, and sea salt. Their mouth-watering smell makes them completely irresistible!

4oz bag $9.99

NPP Green Veggies

Green Veggies is a whole food supplement for dogs that is great as a “topper” or added to our ground protein products.  We use only certified organic ingredients and includes zuchini, collard greens, dandelion greens and kale. The product comes in a convenient reclosable tub.

24oz   $12.50

Real Meat Jerky Treats (Beef, Lamb & Liver)

These Jerky treats make great training treats for dogs.  The soft jerky bits won’t leave crumbs in your pocket and they are easy to tear into smaller pieces.  Cats also love this jerky.

4oz   $7.59

Vital Essentials Freeze Dried Treats

Vital Treats are packed with vital nutrients, made with only fresh, whole, single-sourced USDA animal protein. Great for training and snacking.

Minnows     $6.99
Duck Nibs   $6.99

Boulder Dog Bison Cubes

Boulder Bison Cubes are made with 100% all natural bison lung.  Very high protein content, but are low in calories and fat.  These make fantastic treats!

5oz bag   $16.49

Fresh Is Best Freeze-Dried Treats

These freeze-dried treats are great for dogs and cats. They can be reconstituted and added to a meal, but our favorite thing to do is feed them as a delicious treat.

All are 3oz bags

Duck Hearts        $16.99
Chicken Breast Tenders    $12.49
Turkey Breast Tenders      $14.49

Papa Tatanka Baked Bison treats

Baked dog treats with no artificial ingredients. Perfect for limited and single-source diets. Great as a treat or for a training reward. Breaks easily into smaller pieces to suit your dog. A great value!

28oz    $27.49

Honest Kitchen Perfect Form

We recommend Perfect Form for gastrointestinal upset, and to support proper digestion and bowel health in cats and dogs. The ingredients help soothe and protect the GI Tract and just as the name implies, your pet’s stool will have a perfect form in no time. It also works great for aiding digestion during stressful times like travel, separation, or recovery. It’s also great for pets that are transitioning away from traditional kibble or canned food for the first time and are new to “real food.”

5.5oz    $17.99

Earth Rated Unscented Bags Refill Roll

This refill pack includes 8 rolls of 15 fragrance-free bags that can be used with a dispenser or on their own. The bags are easy to open and detach from the roll, while still being extra thick and tough.

120 Count   $6.99

Healthline Nutrition Immune Recharge

A 14 medicinal mushroom blend designed to improve the immune systems response to auto immune disease and cancer. Certified Organic.

4oz  $19.99