Congratulations! You have taken the first step to provide your pet the healthiest food possible!

The most important decision a pet owner makes each and every day is what food to put in their pets’ bowl.  They depend on us to make a good choice for them.

Our mission at Natural Pet Pantry is to be a trusted resource for learning about pet nutrition and a trusted producer of high quality, healthy food for dogs and cats.

If you are new to raw or cooked food, or if your pet is experiencing various health issues that you suspect may be related to other pet foods such as the traditional dry or canned pet foods, or if you have general questions about pet nutrition and the food choices available, then we invite you to speak with one of our Pet Nutrition Specialists to receive a personalized consultation for you and your pet.

Our Pet Nutrition Specialists:

May and her cat, Riceball

Shelley and her dogs, Anna and Elsa

Sophie And her dog, Kahleesi