Just Some Reviews From Our Customers

Love that you can work with an animal nutritionist to figure out what will work best for your pet

Lela C. Avatar
Lela C.

Good pet store

En-Tie S. Avatar
En-Tie S.

Very good stuff and friendly staff.

Kerry S. Avatar
Kerry S.

Love this place! They are always so helpful and love pets!

Karen Mueller Avatar
Karen Mueller

Amazing place! Shelley has hoped me so much with regards to my picky 13 year old dog. xxx

Candy L. Avatar
Candy L.

Love the quality of food for my dog also the girls are always nice

YMZ Avatar

Real nice people, lay out is awesome for finding what you need…

Calvin B. Avatar
Calvin B.

Great selections. Knowledgeable and friendly staff.

Michelle B. Avatar
Michelle B.

I have been coming here for 11 years. The staff is wonderful and very helpful and my dogs love and thrive on their raw diet. They get their raw breakfast and a grain free kibble for dinner.
Thank you Janet for your love and support over the years!

Mercedes D. Avatar
Mercedes D.

Excellent choice of fresh, natural dog and cat food. Clean, tidy salesfloor. Friendly, helpful owner.

Otter G. Avatar
Otter G.

Natural Pet Pantry has been like a second home to me over the past couple years. This is an exceptionally rare business where everyone who works there is so knowledgeable, kind, generous and compassionate. They know their stuff. I haven’t been to the vet in over a year. No reason to as so many small things that come up can be resolved with natural products, prevention and information. They know so much about nutrition and pet care. Highly recommend this family-like business for all your pet care needs

Alexandra E. Avatar
Alexandra E.

Nice staff here, good selection of top quality pet food and toys!

O. M. Avatar
O. M.

Great employees that really care about your pet

Joe P. Avatar
Joe P.

Such a friendly, clean, well run store! My pup loves visiting and so do I! They are knowledgeable and so helpful. I’ve told all pet owners I know about them. Highly highly recommend!

Lyn Fortmann Avatar
Lyn Fortmann

The only food our pup will eat and we have tried many! Friendly staff.

Susan Avatar

5 star ratingI love everything about Natural Pet Pantry. They make excellent food, use quality ingredients, package the product conveniently and safely, and every single person at NPP is helpful, kind, and informed. There are so many ways to get the food I need for my dog — home delivery, pick it up at my local pet store (Fido n' Scratch), or visit their store location in Burien. My only complaint is that they don't have more stores open so I can refer my friends and dog walking clients in other neighborhoods! NPP is wonderful and I trust them 100%!!!!

Rubin D. Avatar
Rubin D.

5 star ratingI have an older dog that is getting more and more picky about what she will eat. She been on a raw diet for the last several years but is even turning her nose up to some grade A raw meat. I did some research and found Steam Kettle Stews for dogs from Natural Pet Pantry. I bought 1 of each flavor. Our picky eater, Snotty Suzie, gobbled up and devoured each meal. I am so glad we found this food for her. She now gets goats milk, Steam Kettle Stew meals and raw meat on rotation. If you have a picky eater, give one of the Steam Kettle Stews a try. Fantastic stuff!

Melissa S. Avatar
Melissa S.

5 star ratingWe had been feeding our dog River Taste of the Wild kibble and half way through the bag she started having a very strong negative reaction. I'm talking wake us up 3 times a night so she can go out and have the consistency of water diarrhea bad. My sister generously gave us a bag of your 5 lb duck raw dog food to try and within 24 hours her poop was the size of pebbles and rock solid. She loves meal time now and we love not having to worry about her sensitive GI tract. We are definitely going to continue to feed her Natural Pet Pantry raw dog food!

Samantha C. Avatar
Samantha C.

5 star ratingThis is more than a natural option for your pets! The knowledge of the team and the care, compassion, and coaching received is beyond excellence. Wish I found them sooner!!!

Judy B. Avatar
Judy B.

5 star ratingI live in Kirkland and visit the Kirkland location. I have a soon to be one yr.old Golden (Kiera) who is a very picky eater…even the raw. Kiera is welcome there and seems to feel at home! The pros at Pet Pantry are working with me to find some way to get her off kibble even though it is a pretty decent grain free etc. brand. They have given me tons of advice and free samples; even opening a huge bag of different dehydrated products to try. I so appreciate this. To the person that got "accosted" IDK of course you can decide what you want to give your cat, and whether or not any or all the information you received is something you are willing to accept but personally I get the impression they are passionate about what they do and that means a lot these days…

Paula N. Avatar
Paula N.

5 star ratingSo glad we discovered The Natural Pet Pantry. We have a sensitive dog whose stomach never seems to tolerate new foods, stress, anxiety or change. Ever since we added the chicken stew to her diet of Blue Buffalo Wilderness dog food she has been completely healthy and happy. That's the best part, but the ease and convenience of this healthy food is a terrific bonus. Love!

Jessica B. Avatar
Jessica B.

5 star ratingI felt so welcomed by all the helpful people as well as the owner. The integrity by which they provide only products that will assist in keeping your pet away from the Vet and give an optimal quality of life is, is simply amazing!!! I have been so educated, and continue to find treats, foods, and supplements that have made a huge difference in my dog, Monte"s life. Thank you.

Khadeeja J. Avatar
Khadeeja J.

5 star ratingNPP's staff are fantastic and extremely helpful. My Malinois is on the thin side – she competes and trains in a few different sports. On NPP's raw diet she thrives and has kept not only weight but muscle on. I couldn't say enough good about them! If you need to make the switch to raw (or even cooked) this should be your first stop.

Becky J. Avatar
Becky J.

5 star ratingMy go-to pet food store, especially for my 17-year-old cat. I've tried giving my cat different kinds of raw food the past year, but the Natural Pet Pantry food is the one she likes the best. Tried the frozen nugget kind, tried the Rad Cat kind. She was good on Rad Cat for a while, then it started to not really agree with her. NPP was recommended by my pet sitter after we discussed raw diets for our pet, and I'm so glad I was steered this way.

Aside from the "brand" of the food, I've always had excellent customer service here. I've deal with Mai the most, and she's always been very happy, helpful and overall awesome every time I come here. She was most awesome at my first visit, when I was a little nervous about the mess I would face when giving my dog raw bones. She promptly whipped out a blanket from the back and gave my pup a sample of a raw meaty bone. My wild little pup (young lab) just as promptly laid down on the blanket and forgot all else except that bone. And I was sold.

After buying my cat food here for a few months, I wanted to try supplementing my dog's food with raw. I got a container, let it thaw for a couple of days, and gave a spoonful to my dog with her breakfast. And she hated it. I tried again that night for dinner, again she didn't touch it. And this is a food motivated labrador we're talking about. So the next day I brought it back and Mai had absolutely no hesitation about taking it back, and then happily provided me with some dog food samples if various flavors so I can try it out first.

Just a note about raw feeding – I had my cat plust her littermate since they were 7 weeks old. And for 15 years I fed them various commercial cat foods – Iams kibble, then various high end kibble then high end canned food. My other cat ended up dying from IBD last spring, where her small intenstines were so scarred from constant inflammation that her body could not longer absorb nutrients from food. I was able to stabilze her by starting her on raw food, and she remained with us for another 6 months before I had to put her down. While the sick cat stabilized on a raw diet, my other cat absolutely thrived on it – better energy, super silky fur, very balanced temperament. I've seen my own "evidence" of the tremendous benefits of raw feeding my cat. Natural Pet Pantry has been a stellar rock of support, guidance and information in giving my pets the best care possible.

Judgey J. Avatar
Judgey J.

5 star ratingI just bought some ground raw meat and bones so that I can make the switch from commercial raw diet to homemade for my pets. My dog is not into chewing bones, and I didn't really want to invest in a heavy-duty grinder, so this was a fabulous option. We are trying whole ground squab, ground rabbit meat/bones, and ground duck necks. I can add any additional organ meats, muscle meat, and veggies according to her needs, and eliminate some of the extras that I don't think are crucial to her diet. The cats enjoy the ground meat, too, and it gives me the ability to feed them stuff I can't easily get at the grocery store and increase the variety of their diet. So far their prices seem reasonable (less than the commercial diets for sure), and they appear to be able to custom grind just about anything that will go through their grinder. Nice!

Emily J. Avatar
Emily J.

5 star ratingI want to drop a thank you note to Ashley and another girl staff when I was encountered with.
My dog was suffering from EPI disease and he didn't respond to any enzymes supplements. We were calling all of the stores in Seattle to search for raw pancreas.
My husband called this store and Ashley answered the call. She said they don't sell raw pancreas but recommended some alternatives. We decided to give it a try since my dog was running out of time .
I rushed to the store from Seattle before they closed earlier on Sunday.
Ashley welcomed me with a warm smile. She asked me how my dog was and about his problems. I burst into tears when I talked about my baby. Ashley comforted me with compassion.
Ashley not just didn't charge me what I bought but also gave some free sample.
My dog passed away four days ago. I'm still in grieving stage but I need to write this to show my gratitude and appreciation to Ashley and the other girl.
I was so stressed out but I received tremendous compassion from both of them.
I can't say thank you enough to both of you.

Raejune S. Avatar
Raejune S.

5 star ratingI just want everyone to know how wonderful and knowledgeable the staff at the Pet Pantry are. I have a very sick cat who is not ready to go quite yet. May and Ashley took the time to help me with supplements, bought and home cooked to help him be more comfortable and stronger. You just can't find that kind of service anywhere else.

Deborah A. Avatar
Deborah A.

5 star ratingI love the products this store has to offer. My dog is the pickiest eater. She requires a different meal almost every day and sometimes at every meal. Cheryl gave us some packets of trial foods for the stews and the raw meats. Starlet our Shitzu/Bichon loves to eat the Turkey Stew, the Raw Beef and Vegetables. So we went back today and bought a 5lb bag of Turkey Stew and Raw Beef with veges. Starlet will also be trying some samples of the chicken stew and raw bison later this week. I'm so excited to find this store and the quality of food it sells. This is a first where I don't have to coax my dog into eating her meal. She actually comes to me asking for her meal now. Love, love, love this. Thank you Natural Pet Pantry and thank you Cheryl for sharing so much information with me.


Brenda D. Avatar
Brenda D.

5 star ratingI love this place and our cat loves the raw food even more! I will not use any other raw food after a visual comparison of the two.

If you have a pet on meds this raw food will get that pill down very easily… Put some warm water in the dish and dissolve the pill. Next mix in the raw food and serve; our cat never even notices.

The owner also listens to clients and brings in items clients suggest if she sees a market for them.

Paul D. Avatar
Paul D.

5 star ratingI found this place randomly by walking by one day and I'm so glad I did, I tell just about everyone who has a pet to try out their products.

My little frenchie had serious ear infections, yeast infections on his paws and hot spots constantly. We were told to try different foods, we switched to raw but it was raw that still was seriously processed food. A few months into starting raw his hot spots were WORSE and the poor guy had digestion issues constantly.

When I saw Pet Pantry I decided to see what the heck it was and wanted to learn more. When I could see them making the stew right there in the Burien location I had a feeling they were gonna help me figure out what to do for our dog.

Its been a year now and their products are great, their staff is super friendly and knowledgeable plus our dogs ear infections have cleared up, as well as his yeasty paws. Still gets hot spots every once in while but that's how we know he has eating crumbs off the couch 😉

I won't feed my dog ANY other brands, plus going into there store always seems to make my day better no matter who is working. Do yourself and your pet a favor and check this place and don't be afraid to ask questions these people know their stuff!

Mandi D. Avatar
Mandi D.

Thanks from Elli and Lincoln

I wanted to give you an update on my Elli, a 3 year old Shar Pei. I adopted her in October 2014. She was a puppy mill mama from horrible crowded conditions and was attacked by the dogs in her tiny 8×8 outdoor pen and had horrible scars and open sores on her body and many old wounds. It is a wonder why she is as sweet as she is.

My friend Jan was dog sitting for me while I was out of town and in desperation contacted you when she kept getting inflamed skin, more open sores and losing all of the hair on her feet and legs. When Jan explained to you that Elli drank tons of water but rarely peed you knew something was wrong with her internally.

Elli was immediately started on a total goats milk diet for a week and the changes were nearly immediate. I came home 4 days later and her feet hair was already growing back, her sores with help with a natural antibiotic spray were healing and she was peeing 3-4 times a day which was unheard of before.

She was on the goats milk for 3 weeks and her body sores were becoming less and less. Inflamed skin was starting to calm down and she seemed to have more energy as well.

She has been on raw turkey and raw turkey organs for 2 weeks now along with goat’s milk. She reacts to the cow kefir so I stopped giving that to her thinking she is lactose intolerant but my Doberman, Lincoln, loves it.

Elli loves her raw meat and goat’s milk and dives right in at every meal.

I truly believe you saved my dog from renal failure…her pee is clear and light yellow now. She drinks a little bit of water so I know eating the raw food gives her most of the moisture she needs on top of the 2X daily goats milk. Her poop is a light brown and a little chalky if I do not add the turkey organs but in all a vast difference from before.

Thanks again for your knowledge and care for my little girl. I know she is healthier and it probably saved her life…I love you forever and so does Elli. Pic is of her a few days ago with her brother, Lincoln.


Lincoln and Elli_Feb 2016 (3)

“I just wanted to drop a note of thanks”

It’s Andrea writing….I just wanted to drop a note of thanks!   I was in the other day getting my 2 week supply of food for Sydney and Oscar and you helped me find a new place to take them for their baths!

I spoke to Carol at Der Pet Haus and she fit me in on Friday.  Syd and Oscar look great.  My hope is that Oscar’s itching will curb a bit!

Thank you for all your help…..you are my “go to” for everything with these dogs!!

Consider yourself hugged!

Many thanks,



Thank you for continuing to provide the best nutrition and food options for our pets on the Eastside and in the Seattle area! Pictured is our cats Stevie (on the left) and Lotus. They LOVE their Natural Pet Pantry food and send many meowy thanks 🙂

Happy Cats


…you are going to love Natural Pet Pantry

If your answer is, “Priceless,” to the question,”What is your dogs health worth?”, you are going to love Natural Pet Pantry.

Lucille (Lucy to her friends), is a thirteen year old Chocolate Lab. She has had bad parents that did not know how to feed her before meeting Randi Astrom at the Natural Pet Pantry in Houghton. From age twelve to thirteen, we have seen Lucy succumb to age more with each passing day and three weeks ago, her decline was reversed by switching to a diet of raw duck, turkey and chicken. We also added a few duck necks and raw goat’s milk to her diet. Her energy has rebounded; not to puppy levels but to a higher quality of life for sure. Her ears, which had been chronically plagued with infection, dried up and are not bothering her anymore – at all! Her coat is darker and shinier and she smells quite a bit more pleasant but still like a dog!

While still new to this level of care and feeding, I have learned a few things in this first month of feeding Lucy a raw diet. The frozen meat is kept in our freezer downstairs and I keep a two pound / two day serving is thawed in our refrigerator upstairs that I serve her meals from. A month’s worth of two pound packages is approximately equal in space to four shoe boxes in volume. It is smart to start thawing the next 2 pound ration a day before serving so that you don’t need hurry the defrosting process. I mix in a little goat’s milk, pumpkin and sometimes a little of her old kibble food to extend the meal if she is looking lean or especially hungry. It is easy to rationalize the extra time and expense of feeding Lucy this food because the difference in her health, from before to after, is profoundly improved.

While I would have been a better person if I had met Randi earlier in Lucy’s life, it has made me very happy to learn about and experience the benefit of Natural Pet Pantry food in time for Lucy to rebound like she has. I believe that Lucy is more comfortable and less stressed with her new diet and living very noticeably better. Thank you, Randi!

Warm regards,

Kurt Watkins

Kurt & Lucy

…our two bengal cats love your food!

Our two bengal cats, Dartagnan and Esteban love your food! It only took two days to transition them from their kibble and canned, to your raw cat food. We mix three parts duck meat to one part turkey organ meat. They meow like crazy every morning at breakfast and again when we arrive home from work. They won’t stop until we feed them! And for some reason, they like to swap bowls with each other halfway through eating. Maybe they do it to ensure they’re not missing out on what the other one is getting.

Thank you very much for the treats samples. They loved them!

Jeremy & Olivia

Dartagnan & Esteban

Wonderful choices for the discerning pet owner…

Thank you once again, for providing such wonderful products for our pets! My dog and kitty patients go nuts for your food and I feel so good about having something this high quality to offer them! And your store is just perfect. Wonderful choices for the discerning pet owner that cares about non toxic/made in the USA options. Wonderful!!

Erin Zamzow, DVM

Erin Zamzow

…nothing short of a miracle

My beautiful Pembroke Welsh Corgi girl became very ill and was diagnosed with IBD the month before she turned two. My exuberant, rabbit-eared baby, the absolute apple of my eye, became a lethargic, thin girl who walked dispassionately by her pile of toys without a second glance. I mourned what seemed like a puppy lost.

The veterinary gastro-intestinal specialist to whom I was referred after Beatrice’s trip to the ER and subsequent 3-day stay in intensive care, worked with me to stabilize her. After being discharged from the hospital, the doctor prescribed a steroid and a diet of home cooked chicken and potatoes. After a month, Bea was able to keep food down but far from thriving. The doctor said that she was ready to transition to Science Diet I/D Dog Food and almost convinced me that this was the only way to go.

After a negative, gut-level reaction to the idea of feeding my dog something that seemed….well “yucky,” I stumbled onto the world of holistic veterinary practice and bravely changed from veterinary medicine as I knew it to the practice of a holistic vet. I also met with a pet nutritionist, which scored us a referral to Seattle’s Natural Pet Pantry and meeting Randi, who held my hand during the leap of faith that was required to make the transition from steroids and Science Diet to herbs, natural supplements, and raw food.

I am absolutely walking on air to report that my puppy came back to me as bright and beautiful as ever!! Beatrice Ann has been in full remission from IBD for nearly a year after being diagnosed. She is a beautiful, sturdy girl with a luxurious shiny coat, bright eyes, a spunky Corgi smile, and lots and lots of energy.

What seems nothing short of a miracle simply starts with good food.
-CJ Beck

CJ & Beatrice

…an awesome product to have delivered

My Bullmastiff puppy, Harrison, was surviving, but not thriving. Daily norms included itchy dry skin, a noisy tummy with severe gas, inflamed red toes, bothersome ears, and repeated potty breaks at 10pm, 1am, 2:30am, 4am to avoid accidents. Months of this left me tired and frustrated. The special diets and prescription foods tried did not help, nor were they at the level of quality I wanted to provide him. I had to do something. I had to be his best advocate.
I discovered raw feeding by researching on my own through books, groups, and a lot of legwork. The benefits began showing just weeks after switching him over, but lack of product availability meant relying on what I found to be the best kibble. He needed food, not kibble. There had to be an easier, more consistent and convenient way to provide my dog his raw food without compromising. Because of my own on-going research and constant questioning, I knew what I wanted it from a raw food supply. I wasn’t going to settle and let my best friend down.
I discovered Natural Pet Pantry at a local retailer. It met all my requirements, and then some. I couldn’t have hoped for a more supportive group of people standing behind a product that far exceeded what I was hoping to find locally. Harrison is happy and healthy as ever at 140 lbs. His coat is soft and glossy. He has no gas and a regular schedule. How do you describe the joy of seeing your friend thriving and doing the happy dance each and every time you open the fridge? The joy of knowing he’s going to get to sleep through the night and not have an upset stomach or an accident? The peace of mind that you are giving him the best that you can?
I have met Randi and Rolf and their much-loved dogs. They pour their heart and soul into NPP, just like I pour mine into Harrison. What an awesome product to have delivered every month.
Thank you Natural Pet Pantry!
Ashley S. & Harrison

Ashley & Harrison

I can’t say enough nice things…

We adopted our Beagle, Buckley, last September. He had a chronic ear and eye infection that I he had been treated for over several years. The previous owners had been feed him a grain-based kibble since he was a puppy. He was 7-years-old when we adopted him. With the advice of our vet, Dr. Kate Fernald, we gradually switched him to a grain-free kibble, then to Natural Pet Pantry’s cooked turkey stew and finally to Natural Pet Pantry’s raw turkey stew. His ear and eye infection cleared up within a couple of weeks! It turns out he was allergic to grain. He also stopped having some of the indigestion he had been experiencing! And he dropped a couple of pounds he needed to lose. Randi and Janet (General Manager) have been so great to work with. Both of them have gone the extra mile to help me figure out quantities and have a wealth of knowledge about feeding dogs a healthy diet! I can’t say enough nice things about Natural Pet Pantry!
Marilyn McGuire

Marilyn & Buckley

Casey blossomed on raw food…

I just wanted to submit these images to you. Casey was 16 in this photo! At 14 she was looking pretty worn out, tired, limping, and could barely get in cars by herself, or walk up stairs. Overall a healthy dog, but age was working against her. I encouraged her owner to put her on a raw diet, and she blossomed. A beautiful coat free of odor, clear eyes and almost 100% diminished protein deposits on her eyes. She was able to get into cars, and go upstairs again until her very end. All the stuff you read about, proved true on Casey. At 16 she recently left us, but we will always cheer a raw diet as giving her two more very active happy years!

Alexandra on Whidbey Island

Alexandra & Casey

I’m so thrilled with all the positive changes…

It’s been about 4 months since I first visited your Kirkland store and received my first lesson on feeding my animals raw food. I am completely in awe at the change in my dogs since I switched them to raw food. They’ve lost all the weight we’d been trying to get off them for years, they smell better, and they’re glossy and healthy! The labs are also playing and more active than they’ve been since they were puppies. One particular piece of info that I thought for sure you were overselling me about raw feeding was that there would be little odor to their waste, and that there would be less of it in general. You were so right! It’s incredible with all the hot days we’re having that smell in the yard isn’t unbearable. It’s even more amazing that it’s barely detectable!
My labs and chi-weenie thank you for teaching us how to properly feed them so that they’re happy, healthy and thriving in their golden years (the labs are now 11 years old, and Odie is 2). I’m thrilled with all the positive changes I see in them every day! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!

Marolan Tilcock with Eddie, Izzy and Odie

Marolan, Eddie, Izzy & Odie

…won’t feed my dog anything else!

My first dog Riley had serious skin allergies. I kept trying different dog foods that the vet would recommend (many of them pretty expensive). None of them help his allergies. Then a friend gave me a book on raw diets for dogs. I’d never even heard of such a thing, but at that point I was willing to try anything. I made the food as directed and fed to Riley. Within two weeks, his skin problems were gone. That was 12 years ago, and today raw food has become even more desirable following the frequent recalls of commercial pet foods and treats. When I found raw pet food available from local companies I was in heaven. I was not pleased with the packaging from the first company, so I tried Natural Pet Pantry. Their variety is larger, and they carry special products for dogs with specific issues. Their packaging is so much better, and so is the customer service! I won’t feed my (current) dog, Willie, anything else! Thanks Natural Pet Pantry!


Debbie & Willie

As a veterinarian and guardian…

As a veterinarian and guardian to five dogs and three cats, I have been recommending raw and whole cooked food for my patients and for my own animals for the last 15 years. I have seen dramatic results changing diets from processed foods (especially kibble) to whole food diets. Good quality food is the basis for optimal functioning of our bodies. I believe raw foods allow our companions to achieve their health potential. Therefore I will continue to use raw foods for my own dogs and cats and recommend these diets to my patients. Natural Pet Pantry diets fulfill that need for me.

Larry Siegler, DVM

Larry Siegler, DVM

I am a convert to the raw diet…

I am sure there are many of us who pour over the dogfoodadvisor.com website in search of the perfect food. For me, this became a mission. I was determined to find a 5 star kibble that would agree with the dog’s dodgy digestive system and one the dog actually wanted to eat.

Needless to say, I either returned or donated multiple bags of food. None of it was met with much enthusiasm and most of it resulted in poop that was impossible to pick up. I have two dogs, one a youngster and one a senior citizen. I was afraid to feed the raw diet to the senior, as she’s always been a fussy eater and I did not think it would be well tolerated even if she did decide to eat it.

At wits end with all the kibble, I sought the advice of Natural Pet Pantry. They sent me home with the raw beef stew to try out on the puppy. Maybe, just maybe he’d be excited about his meals and the poop problem would slowly resolve. Fast forward a couple weeks to a puppy that now loves his meals and belongs to the clean plate club! His digestive system is much happier with almost no gas, his belly does not sound like a dishwasher and the poops….well they look like poops! …and if wonders would not cease, the senior dog loves the raw food and has not experienced a blip in her digestion! I am a convert to the raw diet, thank you Randi!

Judy in Seattle

Memphis had his yearly checkup today; the vet was VERY impressed with his weight loss, and overall condition. At this time last year he weighed 96 lbs., today he was 64 lbs.! It doesn’t seem possible, but it’s been a year since you found us Randi! Can’t thank you enough, Randi.

Judy & Memphis

…a high quality product that I am so pleased to purchase

Just wanted to let you know I’m so happy you were at “All the Best” in Ballard this week. I met you on Sunday with my dog Jackson. I’m the girl who said my dog doesn’t like raw food and you said “just let me try a little of the venison”. He gobbled it up, and although I didn’t buy the raw, I did buy two of the cooked stews. Jack loves them. Usually he will lose interest in new foods quickly, but he is licking his bowl clean every night.

I feel so much better about his food now. It has always been so important to me to take care of him the same way I would any family member. You have a high quality product that I am so pleased to purchase. I’ve already told co-workers and clients and am happy to spread the word!

Karen & Jackson

​Karen & Jackson

It’s remarkable!

I wanted to check in after having Jayzee on your food for about 10 days and let you know we are thrilled! Up until 10 days ago we had to supplement his food with Angel Eyes, and now his eye discharge has disappeared. Also, his bad breath is completely gone. It’s remarkable! If you remember, his Dad was quite hesitant to put him on a “natural” food diet and had an old-school belief that dogs should not be pampered and only be given dry kibble. Well, he’s totally sold!
We were spending so much money on a very expensive, (allegedly) high-end dehydrated raw food and I had no idea how much healthier he would be on your food! Thank you so much!
Marne, David & Jayzee

Marne, David & Jayzee

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