Love that you can work with an animal nutritionist to figure out what will work best for your pet

Lela C. Avatar
Lela C.

Love this place! They are always so helpful and love pets!

Karen Mueller Avatar
Karen Mueller

Caring knowledgeable staff! With great healthy products!

Denise Ragnone Avatar
Denise Ragnone

The staff is very knowledgeable and my cats and dogs love the raw food.

Tabitha S. Avatar
Tabitha S.

Amazing local place. Great selection of pet items (doggie)

USER P. Avatar

I have been coming here for 11 years. The staff is wonderful and very helpful and my dogs love and thrive on their raw diet. They get their raw breakfast and a grain free kibble for dinner.
Thank you Janet for your love and support over the years!

Mercedes D. Avatar
Mercedes D.

Love the quality of food for my dog also the girls are always nice

YMZ Avatar

Unique shop to buy fresh food for your pets.

Marietta V. Avatar
Marietta V.

locally prodeced raw food available here. My cat loves them.

kaoru o. Avatar
kaoru o.

Both cat and dog food are high quality and our pets love it. Cu see home service is equally high quality as the people who work here are also notch.

Scott Iwata Avatar
Scott Iwata

Great place to buy food and treats for your pet. The service is very good, and they are always will g to talk to you about their foods, snacks and other goods they carry for dogs & cats. The candles are good too.

Brian S. Avatar
Brian S.

My doggies deserve the best Kirkland Natural Pet Pantry ?

Janine B. Avatar
Janine B.

Amazing local place. Great selection of pet items (doggie)

USER P. Avatar

Real nice people, lay out is awesome for finding what you need...

Calvin B. Avatar
Calvin B.

Great variety of natural foods

Terri Chong Avatar
Terri Chong

5 star ratingMy go-to pet food store, especially for my 17-year-old cat. I've tried giving my cat different kinds of raw food the past year, but the Natural Pet Pantry food is the one she likes the best. Tried the frozen nugget kind, tried the Rad Cat kind. She was good on Rad Cat for a while, then it started to not really agree with her. NPP was recommended by my pet sitter after we discussed raw diets for our pet, and I'm so glad I was steered this way.

Aside from the "brand" of the food, I've always had excellent customer service here. I've deal with Mai the most, and she's always been very happy, helpful and overall awesome every time I come here. She was most awesome at my first visit, when I was a little nervous about the mess I would face when giving my dog raw bones. She promptly whipped out a blanket from the back and gave my pup a sample of a raw meaty bone. My wild little pup (young lab) just as promptly laid down on the blanket and forgot all else except that bone. And I was sold.

After buying my cat food here for a few months, I wanted to try supplementing my dog's food with raw. I got a container, let it thaw for a couple of days, and gave a spoonful to my dog with her breakfast. And she hated it. I tried again that night for dinner, again she didn't touch it. And this is a food motivated labrador we're talking about. So the next day I brought it back and Mai had absolutely no hesitation about taking it back, and then happily provided me with some dog food samples if various flavors so I can try it out first.

Just a note about raw feeding - I had my cat plust her littermate since they were 7 weeks old. And for 15 years I fed them various commercial cat foods - Iams kibble, then various high end kibble then high end canned food. My other cat ended up dying from IBD last spring, where her small intenstines were so scarred from constant inflammation that her body could not longer absorb nutrients from food. I was able to stabilze her by starting her on raw food, and she remained with us for another 6 months before I had to put her down. While the sick cat stabilized on a raw diet, my other cat absolutely thrived on it - better energy, super silky fur, very balanced temperament. I've seen my own "evidence" of the tremendous benefits of raw feeding my cat. Natural Pet Pantry has been a stellar rock of support, guidance and information in giving my pets the best care possible.

Judgey J. Avatar
Judgey J.

5 star ratingNPP's staff are fantastic and extremely helpful. My Malinois is on the thin side - she competes and trains in a few different sports. On NPP's raw diet she thrives and has kept not only weight but muscle on. I couldn't say enough good about them! If you need to make the switch to raw (or even cooked) this should be your first stop.

Becky J. Avatar
Becky J.

5 star ratingI just want everyone to know how wonderful and knowledgeable the staff at the Pet Pantry are. I have a very sick cat who is not ready to go quite yet. May and Ashley took the time to help me with supplements, bought and home cooked to help him be more comfortable and stronger. You just can't find that kind of service anywhere else.

Deborah A. Avatar
Deborah A.

5 star ratingI want to drop a thank you note to Ashley and another girl staff when I was encountered with.
My dog was suffering from EPI disease and he didn't respond to any enzymes supplements. We were calling all of the stores in Seattle to search for raw pancreas.
My husband called this store and Ashley answered the call. She said they don't sell raw pancreas but recommended some alternatives. We decided to give it a try since my dog was running out of time .
I rushed to the store from Seattle before they closed earlier on Sunday.
Ashley welcomed me with a warm smile. She asked me how my dog was and about his problems. I  burst into tears when I talked about my baby. Ashley comforted me with compassion.
Ashley not just didn't charge me what I bought but also gave some free sample.
My dog passed away four days ago. I'm still in grieving stage but I need to write this to show my gratitude and appreciation to Ashley and the other girl.
I was so stressed out but I received tremendous compassion from both of them.
I can't say thank you enough to both of you.

Raejune S. Avatar
Raejune S.

5 star ratingI'm so glad I found this store! I've been a PCC Kirkland customer for over 10 years, can't believe I'm just now discovering it. First, the owner clearly knows how to hire! Every time I've been in, it seems everyone is knowledgeable about all the products they sell and I love they get to bring their dogs - adorable! Both times I visited they were incredibly kind to me and my dogs. They really went above and beyond and it shows they care about animals and helping people (its not just a job). It actually turns out I'd chatted with May through Yelp about a week or so before I came in about another business. We made the connection in person by chance! Small world.

Alexandra B. Avatar
Alexandra B.

5 star ratingIf you want the best for your pet, go to Natural Pet Pantry. I came into NPP on a whim because I was tired of trying to find a kibble that did not cause my dog's allergies to flare. Randi worked with me extensively over the course of a month to hone in on the right protein source, gave me supplements and soothing topical solutions free of charge, and checked in on how my dog was doing frequently. I am happy to say that she is no longer struggling with food allergies and her teeth and coat look amazing. We have now transitioned our other two dogs to NPP raw food as well, and all of them are thriving.

Randi and her team are incredibly knowledgable, helpful, and caring. They stand 100% behind the integrity and sourcing of their products, as well as those that they carry. I am also so impressed with the philanthropic work that NPP participates in; they have fed so many rescue dogs free of charge, fostered animals while they were looking for a forever home, and are very plugged in to the western Washington pet community. I have yet to find another business that goes so far above and beyond for its community and its customers.

Rachel C. Avatar
Rachel C.

5 star ratingWonderful customer service with her recommendations for my pups condition. And he absolutely loves the food we have gotten. Feel much better spending a few extra dollars here for his food than to put him on prescription medication for his entire life. Ends up close to the same cost if I were to have just gotten him special dry food from the vet that he didn't like to eat.
Just like in humans, a good solid diet can help many medical conditions.

Kyle D. Avatar
Kyle D.

5 star ratingWe have been feeding our senior dog the wonderful food from Nature's Pet Pantry for about 3 months and after having many aches and pains and itchy dry skin with her old food, the food has given her a new lease on life! My husband went in to check out the new store in our neighborhood and came out with some samples of food to try with our dog. I was skeptical and concerned about spending more on food, but now that I have seen the transformation in our dog, I'm on board. She has a skip in her step again and doesn't struggle on the stairs like she was. She is still a 13 year old dog, but her quality of life seems much improved. Thank you Natural Pet Pantry!

H Christine W. Avatar
H Christine W.

5 star ratingLove this place! Not only is the staff friendly, and helpful, they genuinely care about your pet. I try to bring my pup in whenever I can, and when I can't they always ask "where's Whiskey? Bring him in next time!"  

Recently we had some trouble finding a food that my picky pup will eat so Randi sent us home with 6 servings of different proteins to try. Saved me a lot of time and money trying to buy different packages and test them out.

The store if full of cute accessories and toys for your pet, and lots of treats and chews to pick from. Some of them are a bit out of my price range, but located by PCC and Met Market, and Google, I doubt they have a problem selling them!

Anyways, I've recommended this place to tons of people, and really like how my pup acts/feels/looks when he's eating raw/cooked meat from the store. I like that it's all local ingredients, and that it's family-owned. To me that means a lot.

Thanks NPP!

Mia T. Avatar
Mia T.

5 star ratingI just bought some ground raw meat and bones so that I can make the switch from commercial raw diet to homemade for my pets. My dog is not into chewing bones, and I didn't really want to invest in a heavy-duty grinder, so this was a fabulous option. We are trying whole ground squab, ground rabbit meat/bones, and ground duck necks. I can add any additional organ meats, muscle meat, and veggies according to her needs, and eliminate some of the extras that I don't think are crucial to her diet. The cats enjoy the ground meat, too, and it gives me the ability to feed them stuff I can't easily get at the grocery store and increase the variety of their diet. So far their prices seem reasonable (less than the commercial diets for sure), and they appear to be able to custom grind just about anything that will go through their grinder. Nice!

Emily J. Avatar
Emily J.

5 star ratingWish I could give more than 5 stars.  May took such good care of our dog Clark and he finally ate and she sat with him and Laura was almost in tears to see him eat and have a good diet recommended by her.  Please take your dog here if you have any concerns and let them help you.  Thank you all for helping us.

Jason C. Avatar
Jason C.

5 star ratingRaw food for dogs! This small shop in Old Town Burien makes and sells an awesome selection of dog and cat food. Imagine shopping for your pet food where it is made and knowing the people that are making it! The food couldn't be fresher and the prices are reasonable.

Kari M. Avatar
Kari M.

5 star ratingI am so glad I found this place!! I had been waffling about switching my dog to raw and thanks to Natural Pet Pantry, I am thrilled to have made the switch! The staff is so kind and knowledgeable and they were so patient with me and all of my questions. I have never seen my dog eat like she does now. Props to the owner for hiring such great staff and for making raw food so accessible to our pets!

Mallory L. Avatar
Mallory L.

5 star ratingThe food they make here saved my dogs life. They have their pets running around but they aren't aggressive. I take my little Yorkie there every time and they are very friendly to him. I like the place and the people. Been going there for 2 years now.

Harry K. Avatar
Harry K.

5 star ratingI have an older dog that is getting more and more picky about what she will eat.  She been on a raw diet for the last several years but is even turning her nose up to some grade A raw meat.  I did some research and found Steam Kettle Stews for dogs from Natural Pet Pantry.  I bought 1 of each flavor.  Our picky eater, Snotty Suzie, gobbled up and devoured each meal.  I am so glad we found this food for her.  She now gets goats milk, Steam Kettle Stew meals and raw meat on rotation.  If you have a picky eater, give one of the Steam Kettle Stews a try.  Fantastic stuff!

Melissa S. Avatar
Melissa S.

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