Just Some Reviews From Our Customers

Thanks from Elli & Lincoln

I wanted to give you an update on my Elli, a 3-year-old Shar Pei. I adopted her in October 2014. She was a puppy mill mama from horrible and crowded conditions and was attacked by the dogs in her tiny 8×8 outdoor pen and had horrible scars and open sores on her body and many old wounds. It is a wonder why she is as sweet as she is.

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I just wanted to drop a note of thanks

It’s Andrea writing….I just wanted to drop a note of thanks!   I was in the other day getting my 2 week supply of food for Sydney and Oscar and you helped me find a new place to take them for their baths!

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Best nutrition and food options

Thank you for continuing to provide the best nutrition and food options for our pets on the Eastside and in the Seattle area! Pictured is our cats Stevie (on the left) and Lotus. They LOVE their Natural Pet Pantry food and send many meowy thanks 🙂

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You're going to love Natural Pet Pantry

If your answer is, “Priceless,” to the question,” What is your dog’s health worth?”, you are going to love Natural Pet Pantry.

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Our two Bengal cats love your food!

Our two bengal cats, Dartagnan and Esteban love your food! It only took two days to transition them from their kibble and canned, to your raw cat food. We mix three parts duck meat to one part turkey organ meat.

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Wonderful choices for the discerning pet owner

Thank you once again, for providing such wonderful products for our pets! My dog and kitty patients go nuts for your food and I feel so good about having something this high quality to offer them!

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Nothing short of a miracle

My beautiful Pembroke Welsh Corgi girl became very ill and was diagnosed with IBD the month before she turned two. 

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Awesome product to have delivered

My Bullmastiff puppy, Harrison, was surviving, but not thriving. Daily norms included itchy dry skin, a noisy tummy with severe gas, inflamed red toes, bothersome ears, and repeated potty breaks at 10pm, 1am, 2:30am, 4am to avoid accidents.

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I can't say enough nice things.

We adopted our Beagle, Buckley, last September. He had a chronic ear and eye infection that I he had been treated for over several years

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Casey blossomed on raw food

At 14 she was looking pretty worn out, tired, limping, and could barely get in cars by herself, or walk up stairs. Overall a healthy dog, but age was working against her.

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I'm so thrilled with all the positive changes.

It’s been about 4 months since I first visited your Kirkland store and received my first lesson on feeding my animals raw food. I am completely in awe at the change in my dogs since I switched them to raw food.

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I won't feed my dog anything else!

My first dog Riley had serious skin allergies. I kept trying different dog foods that the vet would recommend (many of them pretty expensive)

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Veterinarian recommended

As a veterinarian and guardian to five dogs and three cats, I have been recommending raw and whole cooked food for my patients and for my own animals for the last 15 years.

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I'm a convert to the raw diet.

I am sure there are many of us who pour over the dogfoodadvisor.com website in search of the perfect food. For me, this became a mission.

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High quality product

Just wanted to let you know I’m so happy you were at “All the Best” in Ballard this week. I met you on Sunday with my dog Jackson.

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Google Reviews

  • Candy L. Avatar
    Candy L.

    Amazing place! Shelley has hoped me so much with regards to my picky 13 year old dog. xxx

    USER P. Avatar
    USER P.

    Amazing local place. Great selection of pet items (doggie)

    O. M. Avatar
    O. M.

    Nice staff here, good selection of top quality pet food and toys!

  • Sarah Scott Avatar
    Sarah Scott

    Cute little store. Knowledgeable employees and friendly Service! Will help you figure out how much to feed your pet and… read more

    Karen Mueller Avatar
    Karen Mueller

    Love this place! They are always so helpful and love pets!

    Mercedes D. Avatar
    Mercedes D.

    I have been coming here for 11 years. The staff is wonderful and very helpful and my dogs love… read more

  • Calvin B. Avatar
    Calvin B.

    Real nice people, lay out is awesome for finding what you need…

    Lela C. Avatar
    Lela C.

    Love that you can work with an animal nutritionist to figure out what will work best for your pet

    Denise Ragnone Avatar
    Denise Ragnone

    Caring knowledgeable staff! With great healthy products!

  • Lyn Fortmann Avatar
    Lyn Fortmann

    Such a friendly, clean, well run store! My pup loves visiting and so do I! They are knowledgeable and… read more

    Maryanne L. Avatar
    Maryanne L.

    Great products and customer service!

    Mercedes D. Avatar
    Mercedes D.

    I have been coming here for 11 years. The staff is wonderful and very helpful and my dogs love… read more

  • Calvin B. Avatar
    Calvin B.

    Real nice people, lay out is awesome for finding what you need…

    Juliet Avatar

    Great natural and raw varieties of pet food. Staff is incredible and always very friendly and helpful!!

    En-Tie S. Avatar
    En-Tie S.

    Good pet store

  • Alexandra E. Avatar
    Alexandra E.

    Natural Pet Pantry has been like a second home to me over the past couple years. This is an exceptionally… read more

    Lela C. Avatar
    Lela C.

    Love that you can work with an animal nutritionist to figure out what will work best for your pet

    Otter G. Avatar
    Otter G.

    Excellent choice of fresh, natural dog and cat food. Clean, tidy salesfloor. Friendly, helpful owner.

  • Janine B. Avatar
    Janine B.

    My doggies deserve the best Kirkland Natural Pet Pantry ?

    Brian S. Avatar
    Brian S.

    Great place to buy food and treats for your pet. The service is very good, and they are always… read more

    Lisa P Avatar
    Lisa P

    This place is awesome! The staff is very friendly and takes the time to answer all your questions and concerns…. read more

  • USER P. Avatar
    USER P.

    Amazing local place. Great selection of pet items (doggie)

    Marietta V. Avatar
    Marietta V.

    Unique shop to buy fresh food for your pets.

    Tabitha S. Avatar
    Tabitha S.

    The staff is very knowledgeable and my cats and dogs love the raw food.

  • Michelle B. Avatar
    Michelle B.

    Great selections. Knowledgeable and friendly staff.

    YMZ Avatar

    Love the quality of food for my dog also the girls are always nice

    Kerry S. Avatar
    Kerry S.

    Very good stuff and friendly staff.

  • Terri Chong Avatar
    Terri Chong

    Great variety of natural foods

    Crystal B Avatar
    Crystal B

    Great, fun staff. Knowledgeable but honest when they don’t know the information. Great raw food supplier. My dogs love their… read more

    Susan Avatar

    The only food our pup will eat and we have tried many! Friendly staff.

Yelp Reviews

  • Rachel C. Avatar
    Rachel C.

    5 star rating If you want the best for your pet, go to Natural Pet Pantry. I came into NPP on a whim… read more

    The W. Avatar
    The W.

    5 star rating The store is very out of my way. But since having horrible experiences at a different store in Redmond, I… read more

    Tiffany B. Avatar
    Tiffany B.

    5 star rating I have heard so many good things about the raw food diet, but hadn't taken the plunge with my pup… read more

  • Becky J. Avatar
    Becky J.

    5 star rating NPP's staff are fantastic and extremely helpful. My Malinois is on the thin side – she competes and trains in… read more

    Rubin D. Avatar
    Rubin D.

    5 star rating I love everything about Natural Pet Pantry. They make excellent food, use quality ingredients, package the product conveniently and safely,… read more

    Mallory L. Avatar
    Mallory L.

    5 star rating I am so glad I found this place!! I had been waffling about switching my dog to raw and thanks… read more

  • Judgey J. Avatar
    Judgey J.

    5 star rating My go-to pet food store, especially for my 17-year-old cat. I've tried giving my cat different kinds of raw food… read more

    Dusty D. Avatar
    Dusty D.

    5 star rating Best dog food available. They even deliver and always email me the night before to see if there are… read more

    Donna B. Avatar
    Donna B.

    5 star rating My puppies are precious to me, so I've torn my hair out trying to find just the right food to… read more

  • Mia T. Avatar
    Mia T.

    5 star rating Love this place! Not only is the staff friendly, and helpful, they genuinely care about your pet. I try to… read more

    Jorden D. Avatar
    Jorden D.

    5 star rating There is a reason for the consistent 5 star review of this place! I absolutely love it here (and by… read more

    Melissa S. Avatar
    Melissa S.

    5 star rating I have an older dog that is getting more and more picky about what she will eat. She been… read more

  • Maureen D. Avatar
    Maureen D.

    5 star rating We love Natural Pet Pantry for their great service and healthy good food for our dog. We have a dog… read more

    Raejune S. Avatar
    Raejune S.

    5 star rating I want to drop a thank you note to Ashley and another girl staff when I was encountered with.
    read more

    C. E. Avatar
    C. E.

    5 star rating Natural Pet Pantry & the owner Randi is amazing. They listen & help educate you on nutrition for you… read more

  • Jason C. Avatar
    Jason C.

    5 star rating Wish I could give more than 5 stars. May took such good care of our dog Clark and he… read more

    Harry K. Avatar
    Harry K.

    5 star rating The food they make here saved my dogs life. They have their pets running around but they aren't aggressive. I… read more

    Deborah A. Avatar
    Deborah A.

    5 star rating I just want everyone to know how wonderful and knowledgeable the staff at the Pet Pantry are. I have a… read more

  • Denton T. Avatar
    Denton T.

    5 star rating This is not your typical pet supply store. This is a raw/alternative diet store for dogs and cats with… read more

    Samantha C. Avatar
    Samantha C.

    5 star rating We had been feeding our dog River Taste of the Wild kibble and half way through the bag she started… read more

    H Christine W. Avatar
    H Christine W.

    5 star rating We have been feeding our senior dog the wonderful food from Nature's Pet Pantry for about 3 months and after… read more

  • Brenda D. Avatar
    Brenda D.

    5 star rating I love the products this store has to offer. My dog is the pickiest eater. She requires a different meal… read more

    Sandy S. Avatar
    Sandy S.

    5 star rating I have been ordering raw food from Natural Pet Pantry for my dogs for about 20 years! There food has… read more

    Tonita W. Avatar
    Tonita W.

    5 star rating This place is amazing. One of my dogs does not care for the raw; so, we get the cooked… read more

  • Paul D. Avatar
    Paul D.

    5 star rating I love this place and our cat loves the raw food even more! I will not use any other… read more

    Paula N. Avatar
    Paula N.

    5 star rating I live in Kirkland and visit the Kirkland location. I have a soon to be one yr.old Golden (Kiera) who… read more

    Mandi D. Avatar
    Mandi D.

    5 star rating I found this place randomly by walking by one day and I'm so glad I did, I tell just about… read more

  • Khadeeja J. Avatar
    Khadeeja J.

    5 star rating I felt so welcomed by all the helpful people as well as the owner. The integrity by which they… read more

    Sascha D. Avatar
    Sascha D.

    5 star rating We have had food delivered to our door step from Natural Pet Pantry since early 2014. They have been consistent,… read more

    Jacques I. Avatar
    Jacques I.

    5 star rating I highly recommend going to Natural Pet Pantry. This is the absolute best place you can shop at for… read more

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