Pet Food Calculator

Fill out the calculator on this page to receive an approximate recommended meal plan for your pet.  Per day and per 2 week period.

All pets are different and how much you should feed your pet will depend on a number of variables:  weight of the pet, activity level, metabolism, goal (i.e., maintain weight, gain weight, lose weight), other health issues, quantity of treats between meals, etc..

Here are our guidelines for meals made by Natural Pet Pantry:

  • In general, a dog will consume 1-4% of their body weight per day.
  • If your dog has a high level of activity, start with 3%.
  • If your dog has a low level of activity, start with 2%.
  • Weigh your dog every 2-4 weeks and adjust the feeding portion appropriately. After a few adjustments you will have it figured out.
Lbs Per 2 week delivery period.
Lbs Per Day