Answers Pet Food – Fermented Pig Feet 4ct


Treat your dog’s carnivorous side with some meaty frozen Fermented Raw Pig Feet from Answer’s! Your pooch will find these raw treats irresistible! Pig Feet are a great natural source of protein and essential nutrients to keep your dog full and energized! Also great for promoting good teeth and gum health! Gnawing on these tasty treats helps brush the teeth to remove plaque and tartar buildup. Made without high-pressure processing (HPP), dehydration, or freeze-drying. Produced using fermentation to preserve the maximum amount of nutrients from the food source. Fermentation also provides good bacteria to help prevent plaque formation on teeth. Only made from humanely-raised grass-fed pastured meats without any antibiotics or hormones. Your dog will be begging for more of these flavorful Pig Feet! Made in the USA. Answers is a trusted fan-favorite of the Pet Beastro!

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