Canophera-Coffee Wood Chew Stick

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What is Unique About CANOPHERA Chew Sticks?
• 100 % Natural & Untreated
• Free From Animal & Artificial Ingredients, As Well As Additives
• Suitable for Dogs With Allergies
• Zero Calories
• Handmade in a Sustainable & Fair Manner
• Very Sturdy & Long-Lasting Chew
• Provides Independent Activity Over Long Periods of Time

What is Coffee Tree Wood?
Wood from the coffee plant “Coffea canephora” is commonly called coffee tree wood. This wood is a byproduct of coffee farming. By selling it, coffee farmers in Vietnam can generate additional income.

Does Coffee Tree Wood Splinter?
Due to the extremely tight bond of the fibers, coffee tree wood hardly splinters and is significantly harder than the wood from our native forests.

Only fine wood fibers come off from these chew sticks and they do not splinter. The dog can swallow and digest these small flakes without any problem.

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