Nuggets – Turkey Bone Broth 4 oz cup


Try a flavorful and nutritious boost to your pet’s meals with Nugget’s Healthy Eats Bone Brew! This savory bone broth is made from fresh slow-simmered bones and organ meats sourced from trusted local farms for the highest quality product. Slow-roasted and simmer for the most flavor and nutrition. Features added turmeric and ginger for extra health benefits. All meats used are humanely and ethically-sourced. Made with organic non-GMO ingredients. Bone broth is great for digestive and immune system health and extra hydration! Low in fat and calories, making it the perfect snack or meal topper! Your pet won’t be able to resist these flavorful bone broths! Formulated for both dogs and cats. 100% Human-Grade. Made in the USA. BPA-Free. Grain & Gluten-Free. No Artificial Additives.

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